Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note:  If you have any additional questions about CCM Navigator or the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program in general, please submit your question(s) below and we’ll be more than happy to gather that info and send it to you promptly.

Q:  How long will it take CCM Navigator to implement the program once we decide to move forward?

A:  CCM Navigator has automated the entire process including the implementation.  When you’re ready to move forward we’ll be ready with you.


Q:  Does CCM Navigator charge any up-front fees?  Are we expected to pay for training or implementation?

A:  No way!  Our automated implementation and fully-integrated service allow us to get started at, virtually, a moment’s notice.  You will never pay anything up front with CCM Navigator


Q:  Are there any 3rd parties involved with your process?  I know some services outsource the 24/7 patient access component or perhaps the Care Coordination itself.

A:  No 3rd parties at all.  CCM’s turnkey solution provides everything from our team of Certified Care Managers to 24/7 patient access


Q:  Could we decide to start on a small scale and ramp up over time?

A:  Absolutely!  Our integrated services makes is perfectly scalable.  Many clients opt to start with one or two providers and then expand to other providers after the program has been fully evaluated once in use


Q:  Many CCM companies simply provide a list of patients and service(s) provided and we would then have to enter the charges manually.  Are we going to have to do that with CCM Navigator?

A:  No.  CCM Navigator’s integration creates the charge automatically and is ready for billing.  There is no manual entry of data!


Q:  Can CCM Navigator tell us how many of our patients would qualify for the CCM program?

A:  Yes we can.  If you would like to know the number of qualifying patients please let us know and we’ll be glad to provide the information so that you can better calculate the potential revenue.


Q:  If we are attempting to provide the CCM service to our patient’s in-house, but finding it difficult to get to all of the qualifying patients each month, would CCM Navigator be willing to work with some of the patients while our team worked on a portion as well?

A:  Yes and that’s a great idea!  Our research shows that many folks trying to do in-house have team members, that have other responsibilities, working on CCM as well.  Often in-house teams are only able to get to a small percentage of eligible patients and CCM Navigator would treasure the opportunity to assist with those additional patients should you ever have that need


Q:  Do patients still have to sign consent forms in order to initiate the CCM services?

A:  No.  As of January 1, 2017 a signed consent form is no longer required.  CMS has made changes that allow for the documenting of having provided information regarding the CCM program along with any verbal (or written) agreement to participate in the program.

Have more questions?   Please let us know and we’ll get that information to you promptly.