Which Boat Are You In?

Haven’t researched the program and would need to, before moving forward.

  • If you’re like many, you’ll be doing your research independent of someone reaching out regarding the subject.    There is plenty of material to choose from, but the CMS website is a good place to start  (click too see all the details of the program, FAQs, other links, etc.  Also, a good article here on the American Association of Family Physicians website).
  • Then (now for the exciting part!) for 2017, there have been some changes to the program that have made it even more attractive.   We recommend visiting the CCM Navigator website for an excellent breakdown of these changes.  Many of the hurdles and sources of hesitation have been removed. Clients that had been delaying are moving forward now that there’s a much clearer path.

Not participating but interested and considering especially now with exciting changes made for 2017.

  • Perhaps our timing couldn’t be better!  If you’ve done all of your research and know that it’s something that your patients and your practice will benefit from….would you mind if we ask for the opportunity to earn your business?
  • CCM Navigator is a Turn Key Service and quite simply, is ready to go when you are.   (Not to mention the fact that there’s no upfront costs (no setup fees; no training fees; nothing paid to a 3rd party….only a scalable service that can be rolled out as soon as you’re ready)
  • The changes made for 2017 (see here)  combined with our solution has our existing clients, as well as our clients coming on board, excited and ready to see the returns!


Actively pursuing the correct partner to achieve the highest patient care and satisfaction combined with seeing increased revenues.

  • We know that’s not an easy decision but we’d love the opportunity to provide you with some reasons that make CCM Navigator a great choice!  The website has some additional benefits but the most notable include:
      • No up-front costs.  Some other companies charge for the implementation of the service and the training to become familiar with the service.  Some even ask you to pay an additional third party as they outsource a portion of the work.  Not CCM Navigator!  We know it’s a big decision and we appreciate even the opportunity to partner with you and providing this service to your patients.
      • Our fully-integrated solution identifies all qualifying patients immediately and automatically.
    • Integration also creates the charges automatically.
  • As you can see the CCM Navigator’s solution is the complete package and works into existing workflow seamlessly.
  • Can we ask that you consider CCM Navigator as your trusted partner in the Chronic Care Management program?  Please contact us and let us know, at your convenience….we would love the chance to show you the entire program.

Doing the work in-house with varying results.

  • It is not an easy task and we applaud your efforts and success!
  • We still work closely with clients and provide consulting if and when necessary.  We are seeing more and more clients recognize, however, that there are some additional patients that aren’t being reached.
  • Do you know the exact number of patients that qualify for participation in the CCM program?  Contact CCM Navigator to find out your true potential!
  • Perhaps our team could work alongside your own team members and we could help complement your current efforts?  If interested, please let us know…we’d love the opportunity to earn your business!


Already involved with a 3rd party that is assisting with this work.

  • Great news and great work getting involved with an incredible program.
  • Of course, we’d love the chance to earn your business down the road if the opportunity ever presents itself so please keep us in mind!  Some companies charge a little more than their fair share……or perhaps they do not provide that Full-Service Solution that you’d been hoping for? Maybe your tried of hand entering charges?   Whatever the issue is…we’d love to be of assistance in any way we can.


Probably not interested at this time.

  • Why on Earth aren’t you?
  • Then in all seriousness, we would love the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about the program.  Some of our happiest customers didn’t believe that they would have the time to start a new program or that they wouldn’t be able to take on any more work.  These are real concerns and everyday issues and at so many practices.  With CCM Navigator’s fully integrated approach it’s truly just a matter of saying “YES”!  (and we’ll do the rest).
  • Want to see the entire process in action?  Just contact us and let us know as we’d love the chance to earn your business.